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Usage Period of a Baby Bouncer: Start & Stop Time

A baby bouncer will be the first piece of activity equipment for your precious darling and hence an essential item in her or his growing years. A baby bouncer is a freestanding seat which is at a low level from the ground and is meant to hold the babies in a position of comfort when you are unable to hold her or him. 

When to Start Using the Baby Bouncer

Normally, when the baby is two months old he or she starts to be a bit upright keeping the head above the remaining part of the body. This is the time the baby starts to look and explore around. Keeping the babies in a bouncer around this time enables them to explore their surroundings while being seated in a comfortable reclining position. In any case you can also keep a newborn baby in the bouncer but your baby will in all probability enjoy the bouncer to the maximum extent when he or she is between three to six months. The design of the seat and the reclined position ensures that your baby lies safe in the bouncer and the presence of safety straps provides extra security.

When to Stop Using the Baby Bouncer

Every model of the baby bouncer comes with specific weight restrictions which are given in the manufacturer’s guidelines. The upper weight limit normally specified by almost every manufacturer lies between 9 kg to 11 kg. Ideally, the baby bouncer can be used by the baby till the age of 7 months but it also depends on the weight of the baby and his or her developmental milestones.

Each baby is unique and attains his or her developmental milestones at varying ages; a few babies learn independent sitting at the age of 6 months while a few others might achieve the same when they are seven months old. It is essential to watch for such development signs in your baby. If your baby is trying to scramble out of the bouncer seat or is able to sit up independently then the time has come to stop using the bouncer seat whatever be the chronological age of the baby.  

Tips with regard to Use of Baby Bouncers

  • If your baby is a premature baby then the bouncer will not be an apt fit for him or her. A premature baby is smaller in size compared to a normal newly born baby and as such will need more back, neck and tummy support. So avoid a baby bouncer for a premature baby unless and until you feel he or she is sufficiently healthy and that too after a consultation with the pediatrician.
  • Avoid letting your baby spend too much time in a bouncer seat as that will disable him or her to indulge in other playful activities which are essential during the growing years.
  • Always go through the recommendations and guidelines on the packaging regarding its use and restrictions.
  • If you continue using the baby bouncer for your baby even though he has learnt to sit independently he is almost likely to tip over the seat entirely.