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Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Bouncer

  1. A baby bouncer is an item that is dear to every new mom. Made to coddle and lull the little ones into a sweet slumber they are a much needed parenting aid as they help to soothe the baby when it is not possible for you to attend to her or him. However, the choices available in the market are so wide that it can get quite confusing on picking the right one for your baby. Following tips will make you more knowledgeable on the aspects to be checked for before making your purchase.

Frame & Protection Offered

The material of the frame has to be sturdy as it has to hold your precious one safely. The base of the frame has to be wide and stable and be equipped with rubber pads so as to prevent the bouncer from skidding. The frame will not only determine how safe the baby bouncer is but also decide its bounce range. This can vary from being slight to very bouncy. Verify the amount of pressure required to get the bounce you need.


Some bouncers are foldable as well as lightweight while others are not. Ensure that the baby bouncer can be easily moved from one room to the next. The foldable feature is good from the travel and storage point of view.

Safety Aspects

The presence of safety straps have to be checked for by the parents and almost ever baby bouncer comes with a three-point harness. Ensure that the model you have selected has not been recalled. Certification is another important aspect to be checked for; ascertain that the model is certified by relevant authorities. 

Seating & Comfort

The baby bouncer should have a couple of options with regard to the seating recline for the babies as well as toddlers. The seat should offer comfort to the baby and this is done through the seat padding provided in every model. The padding should be just enough, nothing less and nothing more. A waterproof padding will be of more help.


Some baby bouncers come equipped with entertainment options for the baby. They can range from a toy bar, lights, sounds, music or vibrating seats too. Presence of such options ensures that the baby remains occupied and thus happy for longer times in the baby bouncer. 


Baby bouncers are available in varied price bands and you have to decide which band you will opt for before the purchase. Some top end models will be pricey due to the presence of additional features; however, you have to ascertain how useful they will be for your baby and lay down the determining criteria for your purchase.


Choose a baby bouncer that is low on maintenance. The bouncer will experience a lot of spills and stains and hence ensure that the seat cover is detachable and washable.

On a Summarizing Note

The varieties of baby bouncers are vast; however, it is not necessary for you to get overwhelmed. Look out for the above mentioned tips and make a right purchase of the baby bouncer based on them.