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Reversible Double stroller with multiple combinations




features and a stylish exterior, developers have endowed the Oyster Max II with all the best elements of a pram stroller. Bringing forth a classic pram with renditions of advancement- it’s a blessing for parents who inevitably worry about their toddlers. Oyster Max serves the world in an oyster.

  • The pram stroller offers unmatched seating. The stroller has enough room for two seat units, two carrycots, two car seats or any combination among these. Parents of two or more kids no longer need to worry about carrying their lovely babies. With so many different interchangeable combinations, the stroller is made to comply with all your needs. It is compatible with Oyster second seat or carrycot to create a tandem.
  • As sleek as it is strong, its slim line build makes it a piece of cake to maneuver. To say more about the smooth ride that Oyster accords, its independent cantilever suspension and front swivel wheels seamlessly carry your snoozing baby through the roughest of terrains.


  • Along with a hinged leatherette handlebar that’s in parlance with height, this pram is equipped with discreet facets that enrich the experience of both the buyer and the user. Standard weight of 12.5kg, a flexible leg rest offers more comfort to the baby, a removable bumper bar and a mesh shopping basket that is spacious enough to hold most of the necessities- all in one wonderful unit. Moreover, characteristics like the handy insect net that nests in a hidden pocket beneath the seat and compact fold system that saves space make the pram the best buy.


  • Aesthetic appeal is of prime significance to the function of the pram. Simply, the stroller looks beautiful. It is available in an array of hues, from grey to teal blues. Simple, suave and sedate, the pram is sure to tick all the options of your checklist. It stays strong, as your child grows to be a toddler. It stays as unscathed as it keeps the baby.


The Oyster Max Stroller is a multi-award winning pram and travel system that offers your family assurance as well as class. As you walk along boulevards with your little one, as you walk through arcades, you will surely find a specific sense of domestic happiness.