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New feather light baby stroller pram


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Baby stroller pram is your best buddy for carrying your child till he or she does not start walking.  This pram stroller is a premium product which is not only high in quality and functionality but also comes with added features

Features of the Pram

  • Made of lightweight aluminium alloy and weighs only around 5.8 kg. You can easily carry it with you wherever you  go…
  •  It has good weight bearing capacity and can easily carry weight up to 25 kg. It is suitable for children of the age between 3 months to 3 years.
  • Extremely comfortable for the child. It has padded seats with high quality foam and double layer fabric. It makes the pram comfortable and breathable for delicate, sensitive skin of the children.
  • The seats can recline from angle ranging from 75 degrees to 175 degrees. You can easily carry the child in sitting, half lying or lying positions.
  • Ease of folding can be considered as one of the best features of the pram. You can easily fold the pram within few seconds without any unnecessary bending, pushing or pulling. After folding pram is of the dimensions 18cm*52cm*44cm which is quite easy to put in cabin baggage store or in the can.
  • Anti-slip rubber wheels, foot breaks, safety break system, sunshade made of 600D Oxford UV fabric and five point harness seat belt are some features which makes the pram absolutely safe and secured for the kids.

Complimentary features of the pram

A cover for protection from rain, a storage bag to carry all the essentials of the baby, mosquito net to keep your baby safe from all the disease carrying mosquitoes in the garden, baby handrail which the baby can hold and enjoy the scenery while sitting in the pram, shoulder strap to keep the baby fastened at his or her place and a cup holder to conveniently feed baby while keeping him seated in the pram are some complimentary features which makes the pram worth every penny spent over it by you.

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