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Double stroller, easy to fold, silver leaves




Taking the toddlers out for a walk in the nearby park is something most parents love to do but what do you do when there are two lovely toddlers to deal with! Rather than investing in two separate strollers or prams, you can opt for the Star Kidz Lusso Double/Twin Pram Stroller. This twin stroller model lets you take out two toddlers at the same time- in style and without facing hassles. The stylish and well-built twin stroller lets you accommodate two babies and it does not matter if they are of varying ages, weight and height.

Lightweight and handy but not flimsy

The Star Kidz Lusso Double/Twin Pram Stroller is lightweight that it is easy to move and even carry if the need be. The twin stroller has a rugged build to withstand regular wear and tear. Each seat can accommodate babies weighing up to 15kgs.

Optimum comfort and flexibility for the toddlers

This twin stroller offers plenty of features to ensure the toddlers remain in utmost comfort. There are individual canopies to keep 2 toddlers safe from harsh sunlight and drizzles. They can also remain safeguarded from strong gusts of wind. Two foot muffs are also given to ensure the toddlers stay warm on chilling winter days.

Cool and stylish looks

Given the fact you look for colourful and stylish attire for the kids, you will definitely want their strollers to reflect style and coolness too! Thankfully, the Star Kidz Lusso Double/Twin Pram Stroller is sleek and stylish. You can pick from 3 enticing colours- Navy, black and silver. Your toddlers will look super cool when seated in this twin stroller.

Salient features of the Star Kidz Lusso Double/Twin Pram Stroller

  • Lightweight stroller-weighs less than 12 kg
  • Adjustable seat rest to offer maximum comfort to the toddlers.
  • Available in 3 nice hues- sliver, navy and black.
  • Supports babies with up to 15 kg weight in each seat.
  • Compact fold for flexible storage and easy manoeuvrability.
  • Five points restraint harness and quality aluminium chassis for enhanced durability.
  • Large adjustable canopy for each seat.