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Double stroller, 4 wheels on caster




accommodates two toddlers at the same time, while giving enough space to both of them. The black colored twin stroller has separate seat for each baby and each seat has guard rail at the front. Finished in black, it oozes sophistication and style.

Premium and durable build

When you buy a stroller for carrying two toddlers- build quality is one aspect that cannot be overlooked. The NEW Valco SNAP Duo Double Stroller is as durable as it is stylish. The sturdy metal frame ensures it lasts for a long time and copes with exposure to weather elements with ease. It can also be folded easily-when you need. Each seat has a carrying capacity of 20kgs.

Ease of use and safety

The stroller has castor wheels and so you can manoeuvre it easily even in small, congested spaces. It can be moved in any direction within seconds, when you need so and front wheels can be locked too. The unit weighs less than 10 kg and so you can move it without feeling fatigued. You can use it for carrying newborns to kids who can walk too.

The black coloured canopy for each seat ensures the kids remain safe from strong gust of wind and harsh sunlight. So, you can take the kids for strolling in daytime while ensuring they feel comfortable. The seats can be reclined individually and so each of the babies can sleep. While one child is asleep, the other can remain seated and active-without any hassles. The footrest is also adjustable-making things very comfortable for the kids.

Salient features of the NEW Valco SNAP Duo Double Stroller

  • Lightweight twin stroller-weighs less than 10 kgs
  • Easily foldable and easy to move with castor wheels
  • Suitable for newborns as well as growing babies
  • Sturdy metal frame for enhanced durability
  • Convenient rear storage pocket, seat reclining facility
  • Each seat has carrying capacity of 20 kg
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Sturdy canopy for each seat