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Double pram stroller for twins/2 kids




This twin pram is a blessing for parents with twins or children with lesser age gap! Now you can carry, feed, travel or take both the babies for a stroll or a jog simultaneously without a worry!

Features of Mamakiddies Tandem double pram twin stroller!

  • Light weight, compact and easy to carry, this pram weighs only 13 kg  so it is super easy for the parents to carry this pram while you travel or go out on a day outing with both the kids.
  • With folded dimensions of 95 cm * 32 cm * 58 cm and dimensions after setting up the pram at 95-110 cm * 57 cm * 110 cm, this twin pram is the epitome of functionality and comfort. 
  • Each of the seats of the twin pram can carry maximum load up to 17 kg and is suitable for children up to three years. 
  • Designed for utmost comfort of the kids, the special areas of the pram are padded with double lining fabric, PE and foam. Both front and the rear seat can be reclined in two positions so that the babies can make most of their time, feeling comfortable and relaxed. 
  • The twin pram can be folded with just a flip of a button…It has a very quick and easy folding system and you will not need to struggle with the pram on airport or in the middle of the road or park. 
  • Various safety features of the pram are 5 point harness seat belts in both the seats, 2 full cover canopies which are adjustable as per the requirement, tether strap, soft handle grip and front swivel lockable wheels.
  • It has a large storage basket in which you can easily store all the essentials of the both the babies. 

Enjoy the freedom of moving around and spend quality time with your darlings, while the double pram takes care of your kiddies!