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Compact baby stroller, light weight




Redefine strolling, running or travelling experience with your kids with this compact baby stroller buggy pram. It is a pram especially designed to ease your travelling woes when you are travelling with an infant or a toddler. It is just not a travel friendly pram but it is a safe, secured and complete travel system in itself. 

Features of the pram!

?This light weight beauty is epitome of style and comfort. Its compact size makes it all the more convenient for parents to move around or to store the pram.  So whether you have to board a cab or a plane with an infant or a toddler, this pram will ease all your travelling woes without any difficulty. 

?The pram can be folded effortlessly, without the use of force on a single touch. On folding dimensions of the pram are 52 cm * 44 cm. they are small enough to get packed in trunk of a cab or in a plane. 

?Safety of your little wonder is our top priority, which is taken care of in designing this pram. High quality rubber wheels of the pram offer you full control over the pram on any kind of smooth or rough terrain. Swivel wheels make the pram easy to navigate and control even if you have gone jogging with your little one. It also has one foot pedal brake to stop the pram immediately at the hour of need. 

?Five point harness seat belt of the pram not only keeps your baby fastened inside the pram but it can also be adjusted according to the size and comfort of the baby. You will be easily able to use it for babies of the age group 0 to 3 years. 

?Multiple angle recline seat takes the comfort of the baby to the next level. According to need and mood of the baby you can adjust the seat of the pram to various angles. You can easily carry your baby in sitting, half lying or sleeping position in the pram.

?Pram has a hard board support at the back which is conducive to healthy spine development of the body. 

This pram surely gives you the worth of money spent by you. Freebies like bassinet, storage basket and cup holder are cherry on the top.