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Black double stroller, colourful canopies




Save yourself from a definitive pocket pinch of buying two discrete prams for your twins; go for Star Kidz Lusso Double Strollers! As simple as it is suave, this twin pram has every facet and feature to make it the most sought-after product among parents.

Canopy- The most conspicuous aspect after your babies, the serrated pattern over multi-coloured fabric of the canopy is sure to attract admirable nods. Also, the fact that it is foldable, allows the kids to enjoy all sorts of weather. With clear view window on each seat, there is no dearth of fresh air. Moreover, sunlight and sudden rains are kept at bay by this multi-position canopy.

Dimensions- Ergonomically efficient, the pram has the ideal dimensions for two babies to remain secure. With a consoling height of 97cm and length of 80cm, it’s a state-of-the-art creation. After a relaxing walk with your little ones, the mechanism allows to fold the pram- a slender 43cm with a 94cm slanting vertically, upon standing.

Safety- In strict adherence to Australian/New Zealand pram safety standard AS/NZS 2088:2013, Lusso side-by-side pram is accorded the best safety standards. This is reason enough for parents to consider this stroller for attaining peace of mind while the babies are out. Parents’ relief- brilliantly designed belt and harness.

Weight- Supporting twins or two kids, the pram stands sturdily at 11.9 kg. The weight makes it favourably portable, thus making dine-outs easier and vacations, merrier.

Comfort- Equipped with adjustable footrest, the seats are made to cradle the little ones snugly. Contentment is what this pram gives, along with a safe and secure ride. Noteworthy is the suspension; smooth strolling for your babies.

Perks- The lightest twin strollers that the market boasts of, offers multiple benefits and add-ons. Take for instance the feet muffs included for extra warmth for those little toes. Additionally, the pre-installed storage basket can house the numerous necessities of two babies. Longevity is your choice- the two babies would be lucky enough to have made Lusso their signature vehicle on the journey from newborns to toddlers.

Just so your babies can perceive the world in its natural hues, at safe spectatorship, Star Kidz pram is furnished with the best safety features. Paying heed to both safety and comfort, this pram is mechanised with utmost care. What else can make parents more relieved than the safety of their flesh and blood?