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Baby push chair with canopy, storage basket


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As a parent, you want to want the best for the sweet bundle of joy…That’s how we designed the Newborn baby jogger car cum stroller cum pram and a pushchair. This multipurpose pram offers ultimate comfort, flexibility, safety and convenience for you and your little one…Also, it gives you peace of mind like no other product!  With this pram, you’ll never have to worry about managing a sleeping baby while strolling or travelling.

Features of the pram!

  • High quality, lightweight and compact pram made up of carbon steel. Carbon steel makes the pram light weight, sturdy and durable. Also, it gives the pram a royal look.
  • The pram has single-step fold system. Even if you are carrying a sleeping infant or a toddler in other hands, you can easily fold the pram in not more than a few seconds. It can be folded along with the wheels and on folding its dimensions are 54 cm * 32 cm *94 cm. It is compact enough to be loaded in the trunk of a car, cab or in the luggage cabin of the plane.
  • The pram offers high strength. It can bear load up to 25 kg. It is suitable for children of the age group of 0 to 3 years.
  • The pram is completely safe and secured for the children. Swivel rubber wheels make the pram easy to navigate and give a smooth ride even on uneven terrain. The reciprocal brake system on the wheels offers full control of the pram to the parents and makes it easier to stroll on uneven terrain.
  • 5 point safety harness belt keeps the baby fastened inside the pram. You can easily adjust the belt as per the size and comfort of the baby.
  • Seat of the pram is cushioned offering utmost comfort to the babysitting inside. Apart from that, it can be reclined to multiple angles to carry the baby in sitting, sleeping or half-lying position.
  • Parent handle of the pram is reversible. This means you can either keep the baby rear-facing or front facing depending on the requirement and mood of the baby.
  • A large storage basket to keep food, toys and other baby essentials is also present in the pram.

Overall, this pram is designed to give you peace of mind and your baby a relaxing outing always!